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Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers: Emergency Situation (2014)

This brand new 2014 release, 'Emergency Situation', contains 11 new songs, 9 of which are obscure blues jewels.  The other 3 are pure Flyers originals.  The spectrum of this record should most certainly prove itself as one of the most popular ever produced by Rod, Honey and the band.  Along with Rod and Honey, two fantastically talented sax players, Ron Dziubla and Jim Jedeikin, augment the Flyers' standard line-up of Henry Carvajal on guitar,  Dave Kida on drums & Norm Gonzales on bass.

Rod Piazza & The All Mighty Flyers: Almighty Dollar (2011)

Here's the latest and, what I hope you'll think, is some of the best blues from our band and friends in one cd. We asked brother Johnny Dyer to sing a couple and, as always, Johnny was 'the man' in one take. Rusty Zinn, a great talent on his own, came down from Oakland to add his guitar to the mix. On track 6 and 12 it is Rusty and Henry with Rod and Dave to go back to that great Little Walter sound. Hank Van Sickle put his upright bass through some changes on several tracks and nailed it. His traditional sound and feel fit right in. Norm Gonzales turned his Fender bass into action on track 8,9 and 11, and laid down that bottom we were looking for. Johnny Viau added his tenor sax to several tracks and gave them the depth that only he can do.

The core Mighty Flyers, Honey on piano, Henry on guitar, and Dave on drums, took things to a new level. They showed their sublime ability to create spontaneous soulful excitement at every twist and turn that the recording session began to take. The title track "Almighty Dollar" is an original commentary on life in general for all blues players and most people I know. After 46 years of hustling, you know this song comes right from my heart and soul. Amen ain't that the truth.

Rod Piazza



Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers Blues Quartet: Soul Monster (2009)


'Soul Monster' is probably one of the most satisfying projects as it combines so many aspects of the music we all love.  First off, the title came from years ago.  A musician Rod worked with in the 60's would always say, "Ahhhh, you's pullin' out the soul monster" whenever he would reach for the big 64 chromatic harp.  So Rod thought it was a great title for the lead-off track and then the cd itself.

Rod believes the rest of the cd speaks for itself and each selection is a gem that will stand on its own merit.  Rod was able to create a new twist on his harp solos throughout as well as sending out homage to his old favorites. The band seems exceptionally tight on the cd and it's probably due to the extensive work they have been doing together.



Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers Blues Quartet:
Thrillville (2007)

'ThrillVille' is the culmination of 40 years of honing and crafting this music - a heritage that began with the Dirty Blues Band and Bacon Fat, followed by the formation of the Chicago Flying Saucer Band, which ultimately gave birth to the Mighty Flyers. The result is an album that Rod says "...is one of the toughest and strongest records I've ever made." Together with the Mighty Flyers Blues Quartet, Rod delivers an album full of spontaneity and diversity that is the perfect mixture of spirit, enthusiasm, creativity and experience, and one that will further solidify his legacy in the blues history books in the years to come.


Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers: For The Chosen Who (2005)

The Full-length album & Bonus (the making of the album) DVD!
SPECIAL GUEST ARTISTS: Phil Guy - guitar / Finis Tasby - bass & background vocals / James Gadsen - drums / Kid Ramos - guitar / Johnny Dyer - vocals / Randy Chortkoff - harmonica / Cynthia Manley - background vocals / Amy Keys - background vocals / Jesica Williams - background vocals/ Robbyn Kirmsee - background vocals / David Woodford - horns


Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers: Big Blues Party - DVD (2005)

This live performance amply demonstrates why Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers is three-time winner of the W.C. Handy "Best Blues Band" Award. Their power-packed performances showcase Rod’s searing harmonica, impassioned vocals, and impeccable showmanship, punctuated by the two-fisted piano of Honey Piazza and one of the most entertaining, tightly-knit blues bands on the touring circuit. Recorded in 2005 at the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, California. Approximate running time is 80 mintues, which includes interview with Rod & Honey Piazza. AUDIO OPTIONS include Dobly Digital Stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound


Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers:
Keepin' It Real (2004)

From Blind Pig Records, it is already being praised as "the best since their 'Live at BB's' cd in 1993".



Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers: Modern Master - The Best Of Rod Piazza 1968-2003 (2003)

2 CD set with enhanced content including archived photos from Rod's personal collection and live footage of Rod in action.



Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers: Beyond The Source (2001)

Highly recommended to those who appreciate the finer points of blues band performance, stellar solos and passionate delivery of a classic style of music – the blues.



Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers: Undercover (1988)

From 1988 STOMP Label Digitally Remastered: 01. Undercover 02. Come On Home 03. F-R-E-S-N-O # 99 04. Last Train To Aalter (inst.) 05. Bad Guy 06. Over And Over 07. Paradox (instr.) 08. I Live The Life I Love 09. What A Life 10. She's In A Disguise

BONUS TRACKS (featuring RICK HOLMSTROM) (Live at The Manege, Ratingen, Germany) 11. High Flyin' Baby 12. Ain't That Just Like A Woman 13. Hang Ten Boogie 14. She Wants To Sell My Monkey


Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers: So Glad To Have The Blues (1988)

"The Blues are to me many things, but most of all, it is a spirit. the records may have a sub-par recording, or the performer may be lacking state-of-the art equipment, but if that one ingrediant is there, then the spirit has been captured. If in listening to this record, you too feel that spirit, then the excitement and expression of the blues is our common bond to share."

Rod Piazza


Rod Piazza: Harpburn (1985)

For anyone with ears to hear, it should be readily apparent that Rod Piazza is one of the very finest blues performers currently active. Make no mistake: the blues are alive and well - very much so - in Southern California where Rod makes his home. And while it's a long ways from the Mississippi Delta, to be sure, it's no less true.


The Mighty Flyers: File Under Rock & Radioactive Material (1983-1980)

Two LP's on  CD: 19 titles in all, recorded from 1980 thru 1983. From Little Walter's "Mellow Down Easy" to Honey's "Texas Twister". Featuring Junior Watson!  UNREAL!!!!!



The Chicago Flying Saucer Band: Flying Saucer Band (1979)

According to an old saying, when you're on top, there's nowhere to go but down. However, Rod Piazza, one of the nation's top blues performers and multi-winning Handy Award winner as best blues harp, remain at the top of his game and continue to look for ways to climb. This recording takes you back to the orgins, and emerses you into the blues, and won't let you come up for air. A must have for Mighty Flyer fans, and Blues loves alike!


Bacon Fat: Tough Dude (1971)

The much sought after second Bacon Fat CD that was never released in the States.



The Dirty Blues Band: Stone Dirt (1968)

Rod's second album with a new lineup of musicians, including the great Jimmy 'Night Train' Forrest on tenor. 10 titles including Otis Rush's " I Can't Quit You Baby"


The Dirty Blues Band: Dirty Blues Band (1967)

Rod's record debut on ABC/BLUESWAY Digitally Remastered 01. Don't Start Me Talkin' 02. What Is Soul, Babe? 03. Hound Dog 04. New Orleans Woman 05. I'll Do Anything Babe 06. Checkin' Up On My Baby 07. Shake It Babe 08. Worry, Worry Blues 09. Born Under A Bad Sign 10. Spoonful 11. Chicken Shack Rod Piazza- harp/ vocals Glenn Ross Campbell- Guitar Robert Sandell- Guitar Pat Malone- Organ Les Morrison- Bass John Milliken- Drums




Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers: The Essential Collection

EXCELLENT COLLECTION OF EARLY RECORDINGS - NOW OUT OF PRINT! 1. Sinister Woman 2. Take Out Some Insurance 3. Five Long Years 4. It Ain't Right 5. Somebody 6. Texas Twister 7. From the Start to the Finnish 8. Shot from the Saddle 9. Mellow Down Easy 10. Waitin' on You Baby 11. Talk to Your Daughter 12. P.S. I Love You 13. Hard Work Boogie 14. Help Me



Rod Piazza: His Instrumentals

SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION RELEASE. Finally available on one cd, a collection of Rod's original harp instrumentals. Accompanied by various line-ups of the Mighty Flyers over the past two decades. Two unreleased instrumentals included from "Live at BB King's" sessions: 1. The Upsetter 2. 4811 Wadsworth 3. Stratospheric 4. Harpburn 5. Ghostin 6. The Bounce 7. Scary Boogie 8. Snap Crackle Pop 9. West Coast Midnight Blues 10. Greasy Foot 11. Devils Foot 12. Deep Fried 13. The Teaser 14. West Coaster 15. Cold Chill 16. Harp Throb 17. Ju Ju Cocktail 18. Eliminator 19. Nite's End